C Role of SACCOs in National Transformation
Meeting the Need of Next Generation SACCOs
Innovative Approaches to Accelerating Digital Transformation in SACCOs
Using Technology & Innovation for Financial Inclusionq
PANEL DISCUSSION:  Why Automating SACCOs Must Start with Leadership?

What are the new opportunities for SACCOs today? How are the SACCO leadership responding and tapping into these business and social development opportunities? How have SACCOs responded to the inevitable changes to hasten their growth?  To what extent has the SACCO
industry regulator raised the bar to enhance digitization within the sector? What was the situation before the global scourge and how have
have adopted? What compliance measures are in place to ensure the sector players accelerate digital adoption?

Transforming SACCOs with Tailored Core Banking Solutions
Delivering Customer Satisfaction through Omnichannel Strategies
PANEL DISCUSSION: Why Migration to Cloud Makes Sense for SACCOs

While addressing the now and planning the next, does cloud emerge as one of the lasting shifts that SACCOs should adopt?
From a transformation and innovation perspective, how should SACCOs explore the role of cloud as a socio-economic
development enabler? What concerns and barriers do SACCOs have in migrating to the cloud? How has cloud impacted socio-
economic development? Going forward, how should SACCOs balance technology adoption, particularly migration to the cloud
in this era of automation and social distancing?

Are SACCOs More Vulnerable to Cybercrime?
PANEL DISCUSSION: Building a Security Culture in SACCOs

How secure are the SACCO digital platforms? With our modern dependence on technology and security, from what stage should
organizations develop a security culture? How effective are SACCOs dealing with the digital threat landscape as more SACCOs gear towards
digital transformation. While security awareness appears widespread and possibly mainstreamed, why has security culture not kept up
with the pace of threat landscape?   To what extent are data privacy concerns an issue to SACCOs?

Building a Secure Digital Infrastructure for SACCOs