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David Cracknell (Director of First Principles Consulting Limited)

David Cracknell

Director of First Principles Consulting Limited
Imran Chaudhrey (Country Manager East Africa at Fortinet)

Imran Chaudhrey

Country Manager East Africa at Fortinet

I have a number of years experience and expertise in Cloud, Automation, Software, Hardware, Networks and Security business, This allows me to be well in tune to articulate a complete solution to a wide range of customers while helping them choose technologies that fit their needs and business requirements.

Great analytical skills and an ability to understand business situations with a proven ability to develop and initiate business development strategies and discussions with key stakeholders and decision makers across the business.

Result oriented with a strong personal drive and great communication skills.

Munyi Nthigah (CEO of Codesign Africa)

Munyi Nthigah

CEO of Codesign Africa

A Fintech expert, who is a pan-Africanist with a passion for digital payments and product development, what a sizzling combo.

Munyi has a passion for solving the payments fragmentation that is witnessed in Africa. Over the years, he has invested time in creating a network and knowledge base that allows his teams to create products that solve for the most pressing needs in the nascent African digital economy.

Specifically, he would like to focus on solving the challenges that exists in multiple markets focusing on digital platforms, financial inclusion & product development.

Munyi is a fin-tech expert with over 13 years’ experience in the IT space in Africa, 8 of which have been in the Digital payments space, operating across 11 markets in Africa and engaging over 16 markets.

Dr. Shikoh Gitau (Chief Executive Officer at Qhala)

Dr. Shikoh Gitau

Chief Executive Officer at Qhala

" “Hello World” As those two words beamed on the CRT screen, I knew I was sold to building software. Now, As software eats the world, I help organizations decide on whether they are going to be the starter, main dish or dessert!"

Dr. Shikoh always wanted to be a doctor. Yes, like a medical doctor. A young Shikoh was always fascinated with something about relieving people from pain and misery. At the same time, she was an avid maths lover and at some point, in her teen years, she thought she would be a Mathematics teacher.

As fate would have it, she did not make the grade to pursue medicine, and ended up pursuing Computer Science. Imagine an existential crisis like that, only in your early 20’s. As with any life hurdle, she drew the positives and discovered that she could use her Computer Science background to realize her childhood dream of changing the world, and she ended up being a Doctor of another kind.

Understanding and learning traditional sectors and business domains, methodologies, and frameworks, and then rethinking them for the digital world is her Modus Operandi

Hear her insights as to how important it is, to get down and dirty, when you are trying to change the world. In the famous words of Steve Jobs, “those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, actually do.”

Paul Ndichu (CEO of Wapi Capital)

Paul Ndichu

CEO of Wapi Capital
Fernando Cabral (Founder of FS-360)

Fernando Cabral

Founder of FS-360

Fernando is a relentless advocate of accessible, affordable, and inclusive Digital Financial Services as a key enabler to reducing poverty, boosting prosperity, triggering social and economic impact in underserved communities, and advancing sustainable development (SDGs). This has been the main driver of his career, focused mainly on the digital transformation and innovation of the Financial Services industry, where he has held senior positions in leading institutions across multiple geographies. To leverage his 360-degree experience in financial services, Fernando has also been heavily involved with global Fintech and innovation ecosystems as an advisor, venture builder and investor. He holds a Bachelors in Information Systems Management and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).
As an Africanist by heart, Fernando is on a mission to empower African innovators and build the future of Africa. This is the legacy he wants to leave behind for the generations to come.

Laura Chite (CEO of CIO East Africa)

Laura Chite

CEO of CIO East Africa

Dynamism paired with an attitude for success, the word expert knows no bounds thanks to our CEO

Laura’s commitment to excellence is second to none, this is what sets her apart when it comes to ensuring results. With a background in marketing, she leads projects with creativity, intuition and great taste

Laura can comfortably customize marketing activities as per requirements, drive customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction. Plus, she knows how to own market intelligence in different countries and industries, giving feeding back insights and contributing to the objective of growing market share products.

Lanre Bamisebi (Group IT & Operations at Equity Bank)

Lanre Bamisebi

Group IT & Operations at Equity Bank

Allow us to introduce to you, the virtuoso of facilitating the integration of the virtual world into the physical world- the master digital transformation strategist.

Think of the difference between walking into a bank to request your balance and the ability to pull up that information in real-time on your phone and you’ll have a good idea of FinTech’s impact. This impact is something that is not always easily conveyed in a manner that is consumable, unless it is Lanre Bamisebi’s segment.

Lanre, apart from being a brilliant orator, is a highly experienced senior technology and banking Operations leader with proven results in driving transformation, digitizing operations for efficiency and seamless customer experience, creating business value from solutions that impact the bottom line, a trans-formative and visionary business leader with a proven track record of helping companies leverage technology to drive real business value.

Anita Chege (Head, Digital Technology & Delivery at HF Group)

Anita Chege

Head, Digital Technology & Delivery at HF Group

Armed with the incremental knowledge to create working strategies for your digital transformation

Anita is an experienced Project Management expert with a bias building and implementing digital products & services with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy development and execution, product development, digital marketing, DevOps, team management, and leadership.

Strong digital products development and delivery professional with a Master of Science (MSc) focused in Organizational Development from United States International University and completed course work in Digital Disruption strategies from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School.

Faheem Ali (Expert Financial Inclusion at FinTech and Digital Transformations)

Faheem Ali

Expert Financial Inclusion at FinTech and Digital Transformations

Meet the connoisseur of Digital Transformations and financial inclusion

Wizardry is often said to be the case when somebody is exceptionally adept at what they do. If that is the case, then Faheem is a master wizard. He has a strong management background, that is rooted in social and banking institutions.

With thirteen (13) years of experience, Faheem’s expertise includes formulation of strategic plans, driving digital innovation and transformation across businesses for inclusive finance, qualitative market research and data analytics to understand customers’ needs, scoping and segmentation, product development, institutional diagnostics, channel design, process re-engineering, pilot and roll out, and trainings.

Faheem’s insights as to the services and technologies that are driving the financial services industry transformation will be invaluable, do not miss out.

Kamal Budhabhatti (Group Chief Executive Officer at Craft Silicon)

Kamal Budhabhatti

Group Chief Executive Officer at Craft Silicon

The unassuming Indian-Kenyan entrepreneur is working relentlessly towards putting African software on the global map, and he is succeeding.

More often than not, you find yourself using one of Craft Silicon, or Little Cab services without realizing it. That is an indicator as to how Kamal has created companies with a local base but aiming for global aspirations that are steadily making inroads in the world of financial technology.

Kamal is the Group CEO at Craft Silicon - which provides Banking and payment technologies across Africa and emerging Asia. He is also the founder of Little, a pan African Ride-hailing platform, now emerging into a Super App.

Tejal Dave Dave (Diaspora and Wealth Management at State Bank of Mauritius)

Tejal Dave Dave

Diaspora and Wealth Management at State Bank of Mauritius
Marietta Gachegu (Head of Legal and Compliance at Chipper Cash)

Marietta Gachegu

Head of Legal and Compliance at Chipper Cash
John Gichohi (Systems Engineer East Africa at Fortinet East Africa)

John Gichohi

Systems Engineer East Africa at Fortinet East Africa

With an experience spanning more than 12 years in network and security, John Gichohi is well versed with modern security challenges that face financial institutions. John has worked closely with many financial institutions including Saccos, assisting them in architecting robust security frameworks to meet their compliance and security needs

Simon Hardie (CEO of Findexable)

Simon Hardie

CEO of Findexable
Harry Hare (Chairman & Publisher at CIO East Africa)

Harry Hare

Chairman & Publisher at CIO East Africa

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology

Harry is exceptionally good at a number of things, especially seeking new technological options and ensuring that they are integrated into the existing technology stack. Apart from tinkering with systems, Harry has strong communication skills that are highly valued.

He is an ICT Consultant and e-Government Strategist at heart and has worked with East African Governments in crafting e-Government implementation strategies.

Michelle Hassan (Kenya Country Manager at Catalyst Fund)

Michelle Hassan

Kenya Country Manager at Catalyst Fund
Ali Hussein (Co-Founder & CEO of Kipochi Limited)

Ali Hussein

Co-Founder & CEO of Kipochi Limited

The grand aesthete to the narrative surrounding, and encompassing emerging technologies in Kenya, and the entire world.

Ali Hussein is like the grand master in a chess game. He knows the moves that are about to be made, he knows what is coming next, what is being thought about, and in which direction the play will unfold. Only now, that the chess game is the world of technology, and the players are major companies within the tech landscape.

He is a C-Level Executive, with extensive experience in strategy, marketing, new media, business development, start ups and turn around situations.

Nelson Juma (CISO at I&M Bank)

Nelson Juma

CISO at I&M Bank
Elizabeth Kachumbo (Project & Liaison Manager at East & Southern Africa)

Elizabeth Kachumbo

Project & Liaison Manager at East & Southern Africa
Brian Kalule (Partner Bowmans at Uganda)

Brian Kalule

Partner Bowmans at Uganda

Practicality paired with problem-solving, meet the advisor who guides international companies on how to use technology successfully

Brian is a Partner in the Bowmans Uganda office. He is the sector partner for TMT (Technology, Media and Telecoms) and IP (Intellectual Property) and he advises some of the world's leading companies in these spaces. His practice also includes banking and finance,M&A, general commercial practice and dispute resolution.

He is a member of the International Bar Association, the Uganda Law Society and also a member of the East African Law Society. He is also Secretary to the legal committee of the Uganda Bankers Association.

He is a member of the International Bar Association, the Uganda Law Society and also a member of the East African Law Society. He is also Secretary to the legal committee of the Uganda Bankers Association.

Phares Kariuki (CEO of Pure Infrastructure)

Phares Kariuki

CEO of Pure Infrastructure

The growing momentum on being IT Savvy has been peaked by none other than Phares Kariuki

Phares belongs to the new crop of IT savvy young Kenyans that are able to build a futuristic team in Kenya. He has a holistic view of enterprise information systems and an in-depth understanding of all the various components to a well-functioning information and communication system. His efforts as one of the first persons to commercialize virtualization technology in Africa are highly commendable.

Christine Kitale (Director, Business Development of Pesaswap East Africa)

Christine Kitale

Director, Business Development of Pesaswap East Africa
Dr. Haruna Mawanda (CEO of FlyHub Technologies, Uganda)

Dr. Haruna Mawanda

CEO of FlyHub Technologies, Uganda
Michael Michie (CIO at TripleOKLaw)

Michael Michie

CIO at TripleOKLaw

Tactical, smart and well spoken, Michael Michie knows the ins and outs of being technically adept.

Michael is knowledgeable in various fields in the tech industry. A contributor to the CIO East Africa magazine, he is a voice of reason on several industry thoughts and how those thoughts affect the greater picture.

A firm believer in the power of people to innovate through technology, he is passionate about the changes that could be realized in the Fintech world and also on a larger economical scale through disruptive technologies.

Mutindi Muema (Public Policy Manager at Oxygene MCL)

Mutindi Muema

Public Policy Manager at Oxygene MCL

Law reloaded, only this time, with the integration of finance and technology

Mutindi is an advocate, business strategist, a communicator, a public policy, government relations and data protection manager. I ensure the success of client business by providing intelligence-led insights, analysis & advice, enabling business engagements with the right individuals and institutions in Africa. I support the achievement of business goals by using the most effective messaging approach to shape a supportive regulatory environment for my client business across various markets in the African region.

My integrated capacity across public policy, regulatory and government affairs, compliance, law, business operations, content creation, traditional & social media relations and crisis management makes me unique in the market. A law science and tech die hard. My career is dedicated to creating conducive legal and policy environments for technology and business to serve humanity

Anne Mutheu (Managing Partner at Mutie Advocates)

Anne Mutheu

Managing Partner at Mutie Advocates
Kevin Mutiso (Chairman at Digital Mobile Money Lenders Association)

Kevin Mutiso

Chairman at Digital Mobile Money Lenders Association

Eat, sleep, dream, play FINTECH, and Entrepreneurship.

Kevin’s goal is to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2030 through his entrepreneurial pursuits.

He identifies markets that have the potential to be $1bn markets in the next 10 years in Africa and begin executing 10 year plans to build and acquire significant market share in those markets.

Rose Muturi (Chief Digital Officer at HF Group)

Rose Muturi

Chief Digital Officer at HF Group

Dynamism, leadership and innovation, these words do not sum up Rose’s professional record, but they come pretty close.

Rose is an experienced digital financial services and financial technology professional with a demonstrated history of working with dynamic teams in different regions in Sub Saharan Africa. She has a well proven track record in leadership, strategy, product and service innovation, market expansion and financial inclusion.

Francis Mwangi (CEO of Kozi Technologies.)

Francis Mwangi

CEO of Kozi Technologies.

With strengths in big picture thinking, analysis and interpersonal communication, Francis is an IT guru

Francis is a Technology Executive with over 10 years of experience in delivering enterprise-wide projects within scope, on time, and on budget while cutting costs. This includes spearheading ROI-focused projects, and bridging the gap between business and technology to realize essential integration.

He has accomplished all this, and more under a variety of professional hats- working as Head of IT, System Support Engineer, and IT Administrator.

Eddie Ndichu (CEO of WaziPay)

Eddie Ndichu

CEO of WaziPay
Stephen Mwaura (Chairman and Founder of Fintech Institute)

Stephen Mwaura

Chairman and Founder of Fintech Institute

The father of M-Pesa

Stephen Mwaura was part of the inner circle that birthed the idea, implementation and facilitation of Kenya’s most successful mobile payment platform, a platform that has gained recognition world over.

He is the founder and chairman of Fintech institute Nairobi.

Nzilani Mweu (Co-Founder of MyComplykit)

Nzilani Mweu

Co-Founder of MyComplykit

Law in the world of cyber crime is like playing cards, but knowing well that the card of law is the card that ends them all

Nzilani is a lawyer specializing in Technology, Telecommunication law and Intellectual Property. I advise on data protection, regulatory and compliance issues, media law, cyber crime & security, fintech,technology and telecommunication litigation, Intellectual Property Law and the convergence with technology, corporate litigation, strategic partnerships in the technology and telecommunications industry, competition law and disputes, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Ken Njoroge (Co-Founder of Cellulant)

Ken Njoroge

Co-Founder of Cellulant

An entrepreneur, Scale Up coach, and a digital evangelist

A digital evangelist you may ask? Essentially, this is when you leverage your position to preach the good gospel of the digital world and its many cutting edge attributes. Ken is somebody who has harnessed these cutting edge attributes and built a business empire out of them.

Ken founded Cellulant 18 years ago, and has steered the ship to becoming a digital payment infrastructure giant, connecting consumers and business to more than 120 banks, 40 mobile network operators in a network allowing for interoperability. The firm operates in 33 markets and has offices in 18 countries across Africa.

George Njuguna (CEO M-PESA Africa & Chief Officer Financial Services of Safaricom PLC)

George Njuguna

CEO M-PESA Africa & Chief Officer Financial Services of Safaricom PLC
Humphrey Odhiambo (Head of Partnerships & Content at CIO East Africa)

Humphrey Odhiambo

Head of Partnerships & Content at CIO East Africa

Armed with a pen and a knack for brilliant organisation skills, meet the Head of Partnerships & Content at CIO Online

Humphrey aka HO believes that everyone has a story to tell, and each shared story has some relevance in life. HO is a veteran business and technology editor cum writer, owing to his magnanimous personality, HO is always ready to provide a helping hand at ensuring that clients are always left with a positive story to tell.

Juan A. Rodriguez (EMEA Sales Director - Digital Identity of Entrust)

Juan A. Rodriguez

EMEA Sales Director - Digital Identity of Entrust

Juan is the EMEA Sales Director for the Digital Identity Area at Entrust. In particular, Juan is a professional with more than 15 years of experience helping Companies to define their Digital Identity and Security Strategies for the Mobile and Online Channels.

Suman Sasmal (Consultant at OpenExO)

Suman Sasmal

Consultant at OpenExO

Suman is driven by passion and powered by a purpose of "No individual left behind". He has had a rich career in the global IT Services space, where he served companies such as Infosys for long years. He has worked across 4 continents, played multiple roles and was running a $1 billion Global Delivery organisation at Infosys and Head of its iconic Development Center at Bangalore, India.

For the last 4 years, he has been engaged as a Resident Mentor at India's No 1 Business School, IIM Bangalore, where he mentors startups and women business owners. He is a global C-Suite advisor and ExO coach for business transformation.

He has spent part of his growing up years in Zambia and is well travelled in Africa and offered a public lecture at University of Nairobi in 2019.

Angel Setumo (Head of Strategy and Innovation at Letshego Holdings Group)

Angel Setumo

Head of Strategy and Innovation at Letshego Holdings Group
Jerry Shikhule (Global Sales and Origination Lead at Tray Stream)

Jerry Shikhule

Global Sales and Origination Lead at Tray Stream
Amrit Singh (Research Asst. Centre for IP & IT Law)

Amrit Singh

Research Asst. Centre for IP & IT Law
John Mark Ssebunnya (Senior Manager at FinTech Architecture, MTN Group)

John Mark Ssebunnya

Senior Manager at FinTech Architecture, MTN Group
Francis Thairo (Customer Advisor Financial Services at SAP)

Francis Thairo

Customer Advisor Financial Services at SAP

Francis Thairo is currently an Industry Value Advisor for Financial Services working in SAP. He enjoys engaging customers to align their business needs to leverage the right technology solutions. Having worked in financial services, management consulting, and IT industry. Has keen interests in Technology, Infrastructure, innovative people and enterprises.

Chad Toerien (Sub-Saharan Africa Leader at Cloudflare)

Chad Toerien

Sub-Saharan Africa Leader at Cloudflare

Chad has over 10 years of technology, social media, and operations leadership experience across more than 5 markets. At Cloudflare he is the Account Executive leading the company's business development and sales in Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to Cloudflare he had the privilege of working with incredible brands including Samsung, Ford, Vodacom, Nestle, Tommy Hilfiger, Ford, Vice, National Geographic, and Nike. He believes in the principles of inclusiveness, collaboration and enthusiasm that build teams and inspire people.

With a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Johannesburg in Marketing Communication and Management, Chad also earned a BSC Honours from Dublin University in Digital Technology and Innovation.

Aristarichus Weru (Fintechprenuer at The Kueq Unlimited)

Aristarichus Weru

Fintechprenuer at The Kueq Unlimited

A FinTechpreneur who is an accomplished and deeply knowledgeable banker

Aristarichus is a highly sought after tech player, whose experience transcends through relationship management, credit, ecosystems and value chain analytics and credit. He has a great understanding of all things FinTech blended with traditional banking which led to the development and delivery of a digital lending solution for short-term working capital requirements for dealers and distributors.