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Driving Innovation in FSIs in Challenging Times
What’s the Future of Fintech?
Disruptive Leadership in FSIs

Exploring the new leadership styles, business innovation strategies and models necessary to face the upcoming innovations.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Role of Regulations in Catalyzing Growth of Fintech
Munyi NthigahBrian KaluleKevin Mutiso

This keynote discussion session will discuss how the Financial Technology landscape has changed over the last year; exploring how the sector has dealt with an immensely challenging times and how different areas of the market have been affected. It will also consider the wider backdrop of cultural change, from ongoing digital disruption, and the drive for increased diversity and collaboration.

  • Munyi Nthigah (CEO of Codesign Africa)

    Munyi Nthigah

    CEO of Codesign Africa
  • Brian Kalule (Partner Bowmans at Uganda)

    Brian Kalule

    Partner Bowmans at Uganda
  • Kevin Mutiso (Chairman at Digital Mobile Money Lenders Association)

    Kevin Mutiso

    Chairman at Digital Mobile Money Lenders Association
Edge Computing: Placing process and storage near your customer
Ken Njoroge
  • Ken Njoroge (Co-Founder of Cellulant)

    Ken Njoroge

    Co-Founder of Cellulant
Growth Hacking Using Big-Data-as-a-Service.
Are AI & Robotics, the New Frontier in FSI Transformation?
PANEL DISCUSSION: How the 4IR Technologies are Transforming FSIs
Rose MuturiAli Hussein
  • Rose Muturi (Chief Digital Officer at HF Group)

    Rose Muturi

    Chief Digital Officer at HF Group
  • Ali Hussein (Co-Founder & CEO of Kipochi Limited)

    Ali Hussein

    Co-Founder & CEO of Kipochi Limited
Why OpenExO is Key to Fintech Success
Growing Importance of API in Banking
Panel Discussion: The next wave in banking transformation
Ali HusseinLanre BamisebiAristarichus Weru
  • Ali Hussein (Co-Founder & CEO of Kipochi Limited)

    Ali Hussein

    Co-Founder & CEO of Kipochi Limited
  • Lanre Bamisebi (Group IT & Operations at Equity Bank)

    Lanre Bamisebi

    Group IT & Operations at Equity Bank
  • Aristarichus Weru (Fintechprenuer at The Kueq Unlimited)

    Aristarichus Weru

    Fintechprenuer at The Kueq Unlimited
Building Africa’s Payment Ecosystems of the Future Now
FIRESIDE CHAT: Taking Risks for Self-disruption
Harry Hare

What’s the correlation between innovation and digital transformation? How do they impact on consumer satisfaction, investment in advanced technology, and the FSIs bottom-line? While technology may enable the disruption required, how should financial institutions prepare for the future of banking and the challenges facing the industry? Are there any secrets of successful disruption? What are qualities of a disruptive leader? How should one change existing cultures? And where should they start?

  • Harry Hare (Chairman & Publisher at CIO East Africa)

    Harry Hare

    Chairman & Publisher at CIO East Africa
PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovation: FSIs Collaboration to Serve More Customers
Anita Chege
  • Anita Chege (Head, Digital Technology & Delivery at HF Group)

    Anita Chege

    Head, Digital Technology & Delivery at HF Group
Data Law: Using Collected Data Legally
PANEL DISCUSSION: Role of Regulations in Catalyzing Growth of Fintech

Without proper regulatory incentives, traditional banks are likely to act with short-term insights to keep their balance sheets profitable.
Since FinTechs build business models based on existing data repositories by generally starting with customer pain points in a nation; How are today’s regulatory changes incentivizing or even influencing banks to cooperate with the Fintechs? Are Fintechs all out to unbundle the traditional banks?

Best Practices for Fintech Compliance
PANEL DISCUSSION: Regtech & The Challenge of Regulating Without Slowing Disruption

What’s the progress in regulating the FSI landscape in regional East African markets? Which areas of the market should be regulated in the next three years? How do we ensure durability and growth in online transactions?

Securing Digital Payments within the Integrated FSI Market
How Secure is Your Open Banking?

The initiative of APIs are a critical part of modern applications and have increasingly become a target for attackers. How are APIs being changed to enhance their security? What are the risks of exposing APIs and how are they targeted for malicious intent?

PANEL DISCUSSION: Securing the Cloud: How FSIs Can Protect a Disappearing Perimeter

Financial services and insurance firms are increasingly adopting cloud services that offer operational benefits like faster deployment and seamless scalability, while being incredibly cost-efficient and user-friendly. Unfortunately, these improvements in productivity and efficiency come with serious security concerns that are often over-looked.

What your responsibilities are in a shared security mode? How are security policies being enforced internally and externally? Which threat vectors are cybercriminals most likely to exploit? How can FSIs monitor their cloud platforms effectively to proactively mitigate cloud risk?

Closing Remarks | The Learnings from the Session
Networking Session / One-on-one Meetings