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Never before has the digital agenda been so necessary and vital in the public sector. Well, this is not just because of the ongoing response to the impact of the COVID-19, but it also makes the drive for research and innovation indispensable. The current economic models are out of breath because of the speed with which changes occur. Being in an era of globalisation, digital transformation, collaborative economy, and urban concentration among other numerous challenges that governments struggle to regulate, it is time the public sector assumed new ways to serve effectively respond to transformation. As the digital revolution continues to transform lives and societies with unprecedented speed and scale, delivering immense opportunities as well as daunting challenges, the national governments, county governments, and government agencies across Africa are steadily implementing digital transformation projects and initiatives for a myriad of reasons.

Among the top are effective service delivery to citizens and cost savings. Well, as the quest for transformation happens, much is happening in public transport and national healthcare, across various government agency areas and in regulated and semi-regulated or state-sponsored services, the journey has more inclined in increasing efficiency and transparency, improving and aligning processes, smart government and smart cities, attracting new investors and bridging the digital divide

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