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Opening remarks
Kelly Bentley
Digital Platforms Transforming Saccos
George Ototo
The Future Sacco is Digital
Infrastructure built to drive Digital Transformation in SACCOs
Richard Muthua
  • Richard Muthua (Executive Head for Cloud and Cyber Security at Liquid Intelligent Technologies)

    Richard Muthua

    Executive Head for Cloud and Cyber Security at Liquid Intelligent Technologies

    Richard Muthua is currently the Executive Head for Cloud and Cyber Security at Liquid Intelligent Technologies.

    He has previously held different technology leadership positions as Executive Head Cloud and Business Consulting for Internet Solutions, Head of Business Solutions, head of Product Development and Head of Solutions across Africa.

    He has over 15 years’ experience cutting across technology and sales leadership with key focus on Cloud, Cyber Security, Business continuity, among others.

    Enthusiastic about seeing technology transforming lives through solving real-life challenges.

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Tea Break
Panel Discussion: Where are the Digital Opportunities for Saccos?
Tony MuteroSammy NyambuPeter Mcharo

In the past two years we have seen a massive uptake of technological solutions from Saccos – from core-banking systems to security tools to support and secure Sacco digital assets. This session will explore the trends and tools built from the ground up to support the Digitalisation of Saccos in the continent.

  • Tony Mutero (GM ICT at Kenya Police Sacco Limited)

    Tony Mutero

    GM ICT at Kenya Police Sacco Limited
  • Sammy Nyambu (CIO at Mwalimu National)

    Sammy Nyambu

    CIO at Mwalimu National
  • Peter Mcharo (Chairman at Mombo Sacco)

    Peter Mcharo

    Chairman at Mombo Sacco
Placing Core Banking at the Center of SACCO Recovery
Rosemary Karachi
  • Rosemary Karachi (Business Development Manager at Netcompany-Intrasoft)

    Rosemary Karachi

    Business Development Manager at Netcompany-Intrasoft

    Rosemary Karachi is the Business Development Manager for Banking Solutions at Netcompany-Intrasoft East Africa. She oversees banking product portfolio in East and Southern Africa. She has played a key role in addressing and working with Financial Services sector stakeholders including SACCOs, to provide banking solutions for the unbanked and under-banked, leveraging Fintech solutions for financial inclusion. Over the last 5 years, she has been an active participant in the Digitization conversation in the SACCO sector.

    Rosemary’s career spans across various financial services organizations, where she has pioneered solutions to address financial sector deepening initiatives in the region. Before Netcompany-Intrasoft, she worked as Senior Manager in Fintechs and a Bank. She is an expert in core banking systems, digital channels, payment gateways and switching solutions. She has worked as Head of Alternative Banking Channels and Strategic Partnerships at a leading bank in Kenya, where she pioneered strategic partnerships with SACCOs. She championed the bank in providing a shared platform for cheque truncation services, Treasury and Trade Finance services for the participating Saccos.

    Rosemary holds a Degree is Communication (PR), Diploma in Computer Science and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Leadership and Management.

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Building a Neobank on Sacco infrastructure
Cynthia Wandia
  • Cynthia Wandia (CEO of kWARA)

    Cynthia Wandia

    CEO of kWARA

    Cynthia Wandia is a Kenyan electrical engineer, polyglot, entrepreneur, businesswoman and corporate executive, who is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Kwara Limited, a Kenya-based online and mobile banking platform for financial cooperatives, credit unions and community banks.

    She concurrently serves as the managing director of ASTRA Innovations, a German-based enterprise that she co-founded.

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Panel Discussion: Saccos vs Banks: Are Saccos Winning, Thanks to Technology?
Gerrard KosgeiWinnie SergonSidney Louis Shilako

Saccos have been for the better part of the decade dwarfs compared to their larger cousins when it comes to technology. But the availability of flexible digital technologies with a low capex entry point has seen technology-driven product sophistication rivaling banking products popping up in Saccos. Are Saccos about to disrupt the financial services sector thanks to technology?

  • Gerrard Kosgei (Project Manager, Banking and Finance at Netcompany-Intrasoft)

    Gerrard Kosgei

    Project Manager, Banking and Finance at Netcompany-Intrasoft
  • Winnie Sergon (CIO at Boresha Sacco)

    Winnie Sergon

    CIO at Boresha Sacco
  • Sidney Louis Shilako (Chief Manager ICT and Operations at Stima DT Sacco Society Limited)

    Sidney Louis Shilako

    Chief Manager ICT and Operations at Stima DT Sacco Society Limited
Panel Discussion: NeoBanking: Is this the Future of Saccos?
Henry AbeaRobert KariokiMunyi NthigahCynthia Wandia

Digital Banks (NeoBanks) appear to be the next big thing in the financial services sector. With less legacy technology in most Saccos, tech companies are plugging in a digital banking technology layer with omni-channel capabilities that gives these Saccos a massive edge. Are Saccos poised to become the defacto neobanks?

  • Henry Abea (CIO at Kimisitu SACCO)

    Henry Abea

    CIO at Kimisitu SACCO
  • Robert Karioki (ICT Manager at Mombasa Port Sacco)

    Robert Karioki

    ICT Manager at Mombasa Port Sacco
  • Munyi Nthigah (Secretary, Association at Fintechs in Kenya)

    Munyi Nthigah

    Secretary, Association at Fintechs in Kenya
  • Cynthia Wandia (CEO of kWARA)

    Cynthia Wandia

    CEO of kWARA
Strategic Considerations on Digital Transformation in SACCOs
Martin Kimani
Lunch Break
Safaricom Guru Series: Building a Resilient Digital SACCO
Kris SenanuMunyi Nthigah

A key challenge for financial institutions and even more so for SACCOs is providing the same experience that members get in-person, online. Digital transformation has been a trend for a while now and the COVID pandemic has undoubtedly escalated the demand for digital solutions. But how can SACCOs build digital products fit for their members and at the same time maintain their bottom-line, become competitive and ever more resilient?

  • Kris Senanu (Chief Enterprise Business Officer at Safaricom)

    Kris Senanu

    Chief Enterprise Business Officer at Safaricom
  • Munyi Nthigah (Secretary, Association at Fintechs in Kenya)

    Munyi Nthigah

    Secretary, Association at Fintechs in Kenya
Panel Discussion: Building Sacco Products for Gen Z
Joseph Mathenge

Generation Z (Gen Z or Zoomers) is the first generation to have grown up with a smartphone. The Internet is one of the basic needs for this generation. For posterity, Saccos needs to start engaging this generation and their requirements are unique and will challenge the status quo. Gen Z will challenge the product architects in Saccos to a whole different level. Are Saccos currently equipped to serve this next generation of customers? What steps do Saccos need to take to attract Gen Z?

  • Joseph Mathenge (COO at Serianu Limited)

    Joseph Mathenge

    COO at Serianu Limited