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Laura Chite
A Cloud Paradox: Be “Open” to be more Secure
Mark Hosking
  • Mark Hosking (Head of Emerging Technology Sales, CEMEA at Red Hat)

    Mark Hosking

    Head of Emerging Technology Sales, CEMEA at Red Hat

    Mark leads Red Hat's Hybrid Cloud solution specialist teams across the CEMEA region. He works with customers and partners to help them address their business challenges by leveraging the power of open source innovation, and raising awareness of Red Hat’s role as a catalyst in the world of Open source software.

    Mark’s passion is building high performance teams, fueled by a relentless focus on unlocking value for customers through transformational IT initiatives.

    Prior to Red Hat, Mark spent 20 years working in the Data Center, Cloud and IT Automation market with Juniper, Cisco and BladeLogic. Mark has lived in the UAE for the past 10 years with his wife and 3 daughters, and in his spare time enjoys exploring the beautiful UAE desert, and being on the golf course or tennis court with his family.

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Cloud Security Challenges and Supply Chain Risks
Dave Funnel
  • Dave Funnel (Senior Cloud Solutions Architect SSA at VMWARE)

    Dave Funnel

    Senior Cloud Solutions Architect SSA at VMWARE

    Dynamic solutions-driven professional with over 20 years IT experience.
    Exceptionally well organized and motivated achiever who exceeds sales targets, has been promoted regularly and earns high customer satisfaction ratings.
    Outstanding success in building and maintaining relationships with key corporate decision makers in the top customer base in Johannesburg and developing high profit accounts, to bring solutions to the #1 spot within customers’ purchasing priorities.
    Articulate communicator who can speak the languages of both business and technology. Strong interpersonal skills which have paid dividends when interacting with both customers and colleagues. Able to engage, relate and place at ease, individually or larger groups; adept at giving presentations.
    Resourceful and creative problem solver with a track record in understanding, analyzing and translating complex customer requirements and business problems into real world solutions.

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Be the Next Cyber Security Superpower
Kadri Humal-Ayal
  • Kadri Humal-Ayal (Honorary Consul at Republic of Estonia in Kenya)

    Kadri Humal-Ayal

    Honorary Consul at Republic of Estonia in Kenya

    Honorary Consul of Estonia in Kenya, Regional Expert for Smart City Lab, joint project between the City of Tartu, ICT companies and infrastructure companies based in Estonia. Combining digital life skills as birthright of an Estonian with understanding of the region as resident of Kenya for 23 years. Early adopter by nature, her social science background proves necessary in translating technology to everyday application and meaning for non-technology natives. In her role, Kadri provides bridges, connections, linkages and practical understanding to e-governance, e-solutions and e-way-of-life.

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Data is the New Oil! So What?
Kadri Humal-AyalNyimbi OderoHarry HareMark Hosking

Security and privacy leaders face some critical decisions in the years ahead to ensure their organization is completely safeguarding data. The risk of not securing data and protecting privacy is too great. Well, to what extent are prepared for a data breach in today’s ever threatened digital space? Considering how are organizations are capturing data today, to what extent is the right level of consent being adhered to? How secure is data today in the quest of businesses using the same data to propel businesses? What are some of the data compliance challenges being experienced today and how are organizations overcoming them? What’s the future of data privacy?

  • Kadri Humal-Ayal (Honorary Consul at Republic of Estonia in Kenya)

    Kadri Humal-Ayal

    Honorary Consul at Republic of Estonia in Kenya
  • Nyimbi Odero (Founder of Nyimbi Inc)

    Nyimbi Odero

    Founder of Nyimbi Inc
  • Harry Hare (Chairman & Publisher at CIO East Africa)

    Harry Hare

    Chairman & Publisher at CIO East Africa
  • Mark Hosking (Head of Emerging Technology Sales, CEMEA at Red Hat)

    Mark Hosking

    Head of Emerging Technology Sales, CEMEA at Red Hat
Driving Innovation with AWS Cloud.
Shadrack Anyuo

There are many different drivers for customers to initiative their journey to the cloud such as cost. Business leaders however, expect more than just cost savings and efficiency from their investment . They want to be able to move faster as businesses and transform customer experiences, deliver digital transformation and modernize their businesses-in order for them to reinvest the cost savings achieved to drive new innovations and business models. We will explore how AWS cloud helps them achieve these goals.

  • Shadrack Anyuo (Solution Architect Lead (E/Africa), at AWS)

    Shadrack Anyuo

    Solution Architect Lead (E/Africa), at AWS
Jump-starting Your Digital Transformation Using Cloud
Esther Wambugu - Obado
  • Esther Wambugu - Obado (Africa Lead: SAP S4Hana & RISE Program at SAP Africa)

    Esther Wambugu - Obado

    Africa Lead: SAP S4Hana & RISE Program at SAP Africa

    Esther Wambugu-Obado is an experienced business-technology advisor with more than 13 years of track record . Currently the Africa lead for SAP S/4Hana at SAP Africa ,focused on helping organizations digitize their business operations. She has held multiple roles in telco, banking and technology both at consulting, software development and leadership roles, she prides herself in helping brands across Africa thrive through technology inclusion.

    She is a true woman in tech with a bachelors in computer science and currently pursuing her masters in artificial intelligence. She is a mentor in the Girls boardroom program which seeks to mentor young girls in STEM .

    Her career has been driven by passion to do what’s right (“purpose”), the drive to exceed expectations (“performance”) and the love for what technology can do

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Re-engineering Cloud Infrastructure for Digital Transformation
Nawaz BaghaKamal Budhabhatti,Keith Andere

As IT organizations need to deliver in a more agile and flexible manner, how are they steadily shifting away from traditional equipment purchasing and investing on outsourcing? To what extent has the market matured to embrace more efficient, consolidated, manageable, and cloud-enabled infrastructure? Since digital transformation sits at the heart of today’s organizational shifts and initiatives how are they adopting to technologies like cloud, mobility and social business among others? To what extent are these developments reshaping the datacenter and driving organizations to reassess their architecture?

  • Nawaz Bagha (Territory Lead at VMWARE)

    Nawaz Bagha

    Territory Lead at VMWARE
  • Kamal Budhabhatti, (CEO of Craft Silicon)

    Kamal Budhabhatti,

    CEO of Craft Silicon
  • Keith Andere (Director of Programs at African Youth Commission)

    Keith Andere

    Director of Programs at African Youth Commission
Securing the Cloud Transformation
Peter Sandkuijl
  • Peter Sandkuijl (Solution Engineer Director, EMEA of Check Point Software Technologies)

    Peter Sandkuijl

    Solution Engineer Director, EMEA of Check Point Software Technologies

    I have been in the IT industry with a focus on security for over 25 years. During my time in Check Point (+20 years) I worked my way up from an engineer responsible for 3 countries to the SE director for EMEA heading up all presales teams and everything that belongs to that playing field.
    The overlay team as it is known today was started by me and has since been extended and duplicated. Concepts such as Partner Training Kit (PTK), Subject Matter Experts (SME) and the dialogue between the field and HQ has been improved over the years and today is a strong supportive force.
    I like to create the team based on honesty, a clear expectation of what is expected and a drive for excellence. I'm terrible at losing and it takes a lot before I give up. Anyone in my team gets the trust and confidence they can be great(er). My job is to coach that process.

    I'm known to deliver presentations on any topic to any audience. Story telling and understanding what is truly important for the one listening is key.

    Competencies include: Firewall and access control, IPS and more advanced threat prevention, cloud computing, data security, endpoint security, networking and much more

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Panel Discussion: Building a Cloud First Business Strategy
Jeremiah Chunge MunyasaMartin KimaniKen Ogwang’Fatma Said
  • Jeremiah Chunge Munyasa (Head of Alternative Channels & ICT at Genghis Capital)

    Jeremiah Chunge Munyasa

    Head of Alternative Channels & ICT at Genghis Capital
  • Martin Kimani (Associate Director of KPMG)

    Martin Kimani

    Associate Director of KPMG
  • Ken Ogwang’ (Head of Digital & Technology at Diageo South Africa)

    Ken Ogwang’

    Head of Digital & Technology at Diageo South Africa
  • Fatma Said (Head of Digital Marketing at AAR)

    Fatma Said

    Head of Digital Marketing at AAR
Keeping Public Data Secure at Scale
Hartnell Ndungi
  • Hartnell Ndungi (Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Absa Bank Kenya PLC)

    Hartnell Ndungi

    Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Absa Bank Kenya PLC

    Hartnell is an experienced Data, Analytics & Digital professional in the East Africa Region. His specialty is in the Banking and Financial Services sector where he has been able to master the development and execution of key Data Strategies for large banks and financial institutions. He was previously the Head of Data & Analytics for Co-operative Bank of Kenya where he set up the bank’s Data office and delivered a comprehensive Data Strategy for the enterprise.

    He is currently the Chief Data Officer at Absa Bank Kenya PLC where he leads the Data Science, Data Governance, Business Intelligence and Analytics teams. With a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advance Analytics and Governance, he seeks to ensure that organizations are able to set up dynamic data teams, understand the data they hold, harness actionable insights and deliver key use cases encompassing profitability, artificial intelligence, operational efficiency, product development and growth.

    His top career achievements include setting up and mentoring data teams, delivering key finance, credit, retail and corporate use cases, setting up the foundation for digital transformation, developing predictive analytics models for business predictions, transforming enterprises to data driven organizations and maturing teams to the highest transformative maturity level.

    Hartnell has also worked as a Data consultant providing advisory and analytics services to Governments, Banks, Insurance firms, Telco’s and Industrial markets.

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Hartnell NdungiStanley ChegePhilip NdegwaHumphrey Odhiambo

What are organizations doing to manage the unstoppable force of privacy that has coincided with digital transformation? What can be done to enhance data compliance without compromising the ability to use data to its full potential? What are the emerging challenges of enhancing customer experience, compliance, and the growing demands for privacy? What’s being done to make automation of data compliance or making data usage approvals a straight-through processv?

  • Hartnell Ndungi (Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Absa Bank Kenya PLC)

    Hartnell Ndungi

    Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Absa Bank Kenya PLC
  • Stanley Chege (Group CIO at Jubilee Insurance)

    Stanley Chege

    Group CIO at Jubilee Insurance
  • Philip Ndegwa (Technology Solutions Consultant at Oracle)

    Philip Ndegwa

    Technology Solutions Consultant at Oracle
  • Humphrey Odhiambo (Head of Partnerships & Content at CIO East Africa)

    Humphrey Odhiambo

    Head of Partnerships & Content at CIO East Africa
Lunch Break / Networking Session / One-on-one Meetings
Laura Chite
FIRESIDE CHAT: Why Security is Now an Accelerator for Digital Transformation
Harry Hare
  • Harry Hare (Chairman & Publisher at CIO East Africa)

    Harry Hare

    Chairman & Publisher at CIO East Africa

    I am a serial Entrepreneur with a passion for technology. ICT Consultant and e-Government Strategist at heart, I have worked with East African Governments in crafting e-Government implementation strategies. This work includes setting up the East African eGovernment Working Group and the development of the East African eGovernment Framework that was ratified by the East African Council of Ministers.

    I have deep knowledge and understanding of the East African ICT landscape having followed it for the last three decades. I am a regular ICT commentator on ICT issues in the region and consulted widely by Government Agencies, International Organisations and the Private Sector on strategic ICT issues.

    I write regularly and I am a founder and publisher of CIO East Africa, an ICT information platform that has a monthly print publication (CIO East Africa), an online ICT portal ( and a series of events including the CIO Executive Breakfast Series, the CIO Golf Series and the CIO 100 Awards and Symposium.

    I am also a founder and Director of African eDevelopment Resource Centre. Probably one of the best corporate IT and Telecoms training firms in Africa. We have trained Engineers from over 27 African Countries in the last 8 years.

    Founded DEMO Africa 2012 to discover innovative startups from Africa and presenting them to the world. DEMO Africa has since launched 150 startups who've raised over US$65 million. I am also a partner at Akili, DEMO Ventures and InsightWells Research.

    Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Investment, Innovation, Startups, Mentorship, Consultancy, eGovernment Strategy, Training, Writing, Farming

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Big Data: Next Battle Ground for Security Wars
Varun Parikh
Understanding the Behaviour of Threat Actors
Chibuzo Mbuka
  • Chibuzo Mbuka (Director, Systems Engineering of Data Group IT)

    Chibuzo Mbuka

    Director, Systems Engineering of Data Group IT

    Chibuzo Mbuka leads a team of highly skilled cybersecurity specialists across West, East and Southern Africa at DataGroupIT, Africa’s biggest Value-added cybersecurity distributor providing world-class solutions to the biggest companies and governments in Africa.

    He is a distinguished cybersecurity leader with more than 10 years of experience in product management, information security, leadership and technology space and a graduate of Mathematics and Computer Science.

    Chibuzo is experienced in building and leading world class teams and capabilities, design and implementation of cybersecurity roadmaps, evangelizing best-practices to the market, developing and executing go-to-market strategies, security product development, improving customer cybersecurity services across different sectors and driving revenue through direct sales and channel partnerships.

    A strong communicator, adept at multi-tasking with effective cross-functional organizational and project management skills. A creative leader & analytical thinker who helps companies develop, facilitate & implement decisions across their organizations that help the company achieve both their growth & profitability goals.

    Chibuzo has great relationship and goodwill across the customer and partner community within East, West and Southern Africa countries.

    CyberSecurity Roadmap Design
    New Product Development and Management
    Channel Partnership Development
    Identifying evolving cybersecurity opportunities and Risks
    Cybersecurity evangelism and best practices
    Cybersecurity strategic planning
    Industry communication and leadership
    Customer engagement
    Security Return-on-Investment Analysis

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Is Cyberdefense Collaboration Possible?
Tevin MwendaJoseph NzanoVarun ParikhMichael D. TumusiimeJoseph Mathenge

What motivates a threat actor in today's landscape? What culture differences exist amongst threat actors? Which threat actors are more likely to target the public sector? Which threat actors are more likely to target the private sector? What are some of the real-life examples of such events?

  • Tevin Mwenda (Policy Associate at KICTANET)

    Tevin Mwenda

    Policy Associate at KICTANET
  • Joseph Nzano (Manager, KE-CIRT at Communications Authority of Kenya (CA))

    Joseph Nzano

    Manager, KE-CIRT at Communications Authority of Kenya (CA)
  • Varun Parikh (Manager, Sales Engineering at Sophos)

    Varun Parikh

    Manager, Sales Engineering at Sophos
  • Michael D. Tumusiime (Solution Engineer Team Leader, East Africa, at Check Point Software Technologies)

    Michael D. Tumusiime

    Solution Engineer Team Leader, East Africa, at Check Point Software Technologies
  • Joseph Mathenge (COO at Serianu LTD)

    Joseph Mathenge

    COO at Serianu LTD
The State of Cybersecurity & Auditing in the Cloud
John Ward
  • John Ward (Principal and SME for Cloud Technologies, Africa at Fortinet)

    John Ward

    Principal and SME for Cloud Technologies, Africa at Fortinet

    With more than 20 years of cybersecurity experience and proven track record making a difference, specializing in the solutions space and everything that interacts.
    Assisting and partnering with people to provide solutions that are scalable yet cost effective.
    Cloud is a thing.... where is yours?
    Specialties: Engineering, Cybersecurity, Cloud and anything that connects... or is connected to...

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PANEL DISCUSSION: People the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity
Fiona MakakaFrancis Mwangi,Cephas OkalEvelyn KilelJohn Ward

Since cybersecurity is never just a technology problem but a people, processes and knowledge, how should organizations be managing it? Why don’t people take up cyber security advice? How should organisations be sharing info to secure their processes against malicious actors? How can organisations effectively audit suppliers?

  • Fiona Makaka (Data Protection Officer)

    Fiona Makaka

    Data Protection Officer
  • Francis Mwangi, (IT Security Consultant)

    Francis Mwangi,

    IT Security Consultant
  • Cephas Okal (CISO at Madison Group, Kenya)

    Cephas Okal

    CISO at Madison Group, Kenya
  • Evelyn Kilel (Cybersecurity Engineer at Safaricom PLC)

    Evelyn Kilel

    Cybersecurity Engineer at Safaricom PLC
  • John Ward (Principal and SME for Cloud Technologies, Africa at Fortinet)

    John Ward

    Principal and SME for Cloud Technologies, Africa at Fortinet
Building an Outcome Focused Roadmap
Nawaz BaghaClifford Levi

How is the cybersecurity challenge contributing to the need of increasing the cybersecurity workforce? How should the industry be attracting and retaining individuals from diverse backgrounds to a cybersecurity career?

  • Nawaz Bagha (Territory Lead at VMWARE)

    Nawaz Bagha

    Territory Lead at VMWARE
  • Clifford Levi (Subject Matter Expert Cloud Computing at Safaricom Limited)

    Clifford Levi

    Subject Matter Expert Cloud Computing at Safaricom Limited
PANEL DISCUSSION: Optimising Security for Remote Working
Mbugua NjihiaMutheu KhimuluKen KimaniDr. Bright Mawudor
  • Mbugua Njihia (COO at Safiri Express)

    Mbugua Njihia

    COO at Safiri Express
  • Mutheu Khimulu (Cybersecurity, Counterterrorism and Crisis Management Lawyer)

    Mutheu Khimulu

    Cybersecurity, Counterterrorism and Crisis Management Lawyer
  • Ken Kimani (Channel Manager at ESET East Africa)

    Ken Kimani

    Channel Manager at ESET East Africa
  • Dr. Bright Mawudor (Head of Cybersecurity at Dimension Data)

    Dr. Bright Mawudor

    Head of Cybersecurity at Dimension Data
Could AI Be the Future of Cyber Security
Nuno Martins

How can AI create a constantly evolving cyber secure network? Will AI mitigate against the weakest part of the chain, people? Is AI the future of cyber security?

  • Nuno Martins (Senior Solution Architect, at Red Hat, SSA)

    Nuno Martins

    Senior Solution Architect, at Red Hat, SSA
PANEL DISCUSSION: Are We Safe Working from Home in 2021
Janet Othero.Paul NjugunaDiana Waithanji

While 2020 technically released people from the constraints of the office, to what extent are they exposed to secuirity threats plus that of their organizations in 2021? To What extent is remote working compromising on performance and security? How is work affected by where people are working and their data located? Zero Trust frameworks are a great enabler for working anywhere

  • Janet Othero. (Partner, Telecommunications, Media and Technology at TripleOKLaw)

    Janet Othero.

    Partner, Telecommunications, Media and Technology at TripleOKLaw
  • Paul Njuguna (CIO at Sarova Hotels)

    Paul Njuguna

    CIO at Sarova Hotels
  • Diana Waithanji (CyberSecurity Enginee at Consultant.)

    Diana Waithanji

    CyberSecurity Enginee at Consultant.
Closing Remarks | The Learnings from the Session
Lunch Break / Networking Session / One-on-one Meetings