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Using Data as a Strategic Asset
Cloud Security Challenges and Supply Chain Risks
Official Opening
PANEL DISCUSSION: Data is the New Oil! So What?
The Next Step with Cloud Intelligence
PANEL DISCUSSION: Re-engineering Cloud Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

As IT organizations need to deliver in a more agile and flexible manner, how are they steadily shifting away from traditional equipment purchasing and investing on outsourcing? To what extent has the market matured to embrace more efficient, consolidated, manageable, and cloud-enabled infrastructure? Since digital transformation sits at the heart of today’s organizational shifts and initiatives how are they adopting to technologies like cloud, mobility and social business among others? To what extent are these developments reshaping the datacenter and driving organizations to reassess their architecture?

Keeping Public Data Secure at Scale
PANEL DISCUSSION: Data Compliance: Enabling Analytics While Maintaining Privacy

What are organizations doing to manage the unstoppable force of privacy that has met with the immovable object of digital transformation? What can be done to enhance data compliance without compromising the ability to use data to its full potential? What are the emerging challenges of enhancing customer experience, compliance, and the growing demands for privacy?
What’s being done to make automation of data compliance or making data usage approvals a straight-through process?

Delivering Enterprise Agility in the Cloud Era
Panel Discussion: Building a Cloud First Business Strategy
Innovating Through Cloud Adoption
Lunch Break / Networking Session / One-on-one Meetings
FIRESIDE CHAT: Why Security is Now an Accelerator for Digital Transformation
Big Data: Next Battle Ground for Security Wars
Understanding the Behaviour of Threat Actors
PANEL DISCUSSION: Is Cyberdefense Collaboration Possible?

What motivates a threat actor in today's landscape? What culture differences exist amongst threat actors? Which threat actors are more likely to target the public sector? Which threat actors are more likely to target the private sector? What are some of the real-life examples of such events?

The State of Cybersecurity Compliance in East Africa
PANEL DISCUSSION: People the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity

Since cybersecurity is never just a technology problem but a people, processes and knowledge, how should organizations be managing it? Why don’t people take up cyber security advice? How should organisations be sharing info to secure their processes against malicious actors? How can organisations effectively audit suppliers?

Upskilling the Cyber Security Workforce

How is the cybersecurity challenge contributing to the need of increasing the cybersecurity workforce? How should the industry be attracting and retaining individuals from diverse backgrounds to a cybersecurity career?

PANEL DISCUSSION: Optimising Security for Remote Working
Could AI Be the Future of Cyber Security

How can AI create a constantly evolving cyber secure network? Will AI mitigate against the weakest part of the chain, people? Is AI the future of cyber security?

PANEL DISCUSSION: Are We Safe Working from Home in 2021

While 2020 technically released people from the constraints of the office, to what extent are they exposed to secuirity threats plus that of their organizations in 2021? To What extent is remote working compromising on performance and security? How is work affected by where people are working and their data located? Zero Trust frameworks are a great enabler for working anywhere

Closing Remarks | The Learnings from the Session
Lunch Break / Networking Session / One-on-one Meetings