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About MetaMap

MetaMap is the digital trust and reputation infrastructure layer that powers borderless services.

MetaMap East Africa Breakfast Summit at Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence, Aboretum

Ensure trust and safety on your platform while preventing churn at onboarding by verifying users in seconds

Do you know what is the 'Trust Data or Merits' that your company needs to grow more?

Trusting users relied on shallow data and boring processes, but now companies have turned trust into a memorable experience for everyone.

Trust is the key to everything. Your platform has no value if nobody uses it or trusts it for that matter.

MetaMap, is a reputation builder where all fraud and identity specializations are a subset of a broader set of needs that our team has simply come to call reputation.

We believe that service providers must be able to do the following before serving their customers;

· Evaluate the reputations of their customers

· Manage and track the risk inherent to live customer interactions

· Enrich their customer profiles over time through repeated interactions in order to grow their relationship and life-time-value.



Breakfast Venue

Radisson Blu, Arboretum 

Virtual Attendance- Zoom

To attend virtually, please use this link: Virtual  MetaMap Breakfast Summit